Simple Solar

No Cost Solar System + Free Installation = Easy Electricity


You heard that right. You don’t lease or finance the SFE Solar System, so there’s no reason to pay us to use your roof. Instead, we help you harness solar energy at no cost to you.

The best part:

Our no-cost approach means you enjoy more up front savings compared to other solar panel lease arrangements on the market. You simply let us know if you’re interested. We will use our remote imaging system to determine whether SFE Solar is right for your roof. Once you decide to go with SFE Solar, our team creates a custom panel design, and installs from there. It’s just that simple!


What is Simple Solar?

Fixed Rate Electricity

Predictable Electricity Rates


While your utility charges you tiered rates based on your electricity usage, solar power is always at a fixed rate. The SFE Solar System doesn’t care how much electricity you use.

SFE Solar’s current electricity price per kWh is less than the average utility electricity rate. Save with solar, and feel great about going green. Sound too good to be true? It’s not!

Consider this a simple, sunny new way to save on home electricity costs.

Monitoring On-The-Go

Oversee Solar Production


At no extra charge, you can monitor the SFE Solar System performance 24/7.

SFE Solar customers can access their solar production and energy usage online anywhere, anytime. Click here to access the SFE Solar Monitoring portal.


Maintenance: On-The-House

Worry-Free, No-Hassle Solar Experience

You may already be searching the Internet for tips on solar panel maintenance. No need. SFE Solar handles all maintenance related to the solar system at no cost to you, including installation.

Our team of professionals maintains and repairs the system at no additional cost to you.

Remember, SFE Solar owns the equipment, so we own any unforeseen headaches too. We want a worry-free, no-hassle solar experience for our customers, so we warranty everything, for the entire term of your solar agreement.

Help the Environment

Going Green Finally Makes Financial Sense

It’s time to use the big yellow ball in the sky to go green at home! The sun belongs to everyone, but not everyone can afford to use it to their advantage. We want homes to run on the sun, so we make solar simple, accessible and affordable for homeowners. Our solar system gives you choice when it comes to how you power your home, and empowers you to help the environment too!

A typical residential solar system in California offsets the equivalent amount of CO2 as driving a passenger vehicle for 1 year123. Why wait? Start reducing your carbon footprint now.

  • Sun For Everyone

    Simple. No upfront costs, No maintenance fees.
    SFE Solar makes solar electricity simple, accessible and affordable for everyone.


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