We Love the Sun

We love the sun. We want to bring its power and benefits right to your roof! That big yellow ball in the sky is our greatest power source – why not use it?

Sunlight is free, why finance or lease a solar system when you can get everything from SFE Solar with no upfront cost?

Why Sfe What is No-Cost Solar?

Simple Solar

You might think that transforming your roof into an energy producer can be a pretty complex and costly job. With other suppliers, it would be. With SFE Solar, it costs nothing and it’s easy. What’s the catch? No catch. Our Solar System costs you nothing and gives you less-than-the-utility electricity rates at sign-up. Simple.

See How You Save
Over $200
Does Solar make sense for me?
Click the range representing your monthly electricity cost on the dial. The more you spend, the more you could save with solar.
Congratulations on doing your part for the environment by keeping your electricity consumption low.
A bit high! Depending on your square footage, you may benefit from an SFE Solar System.
Uh oh! Your bill is a bit higher than average, but an SFE Solar system could make a big dent in it.
Over $200
Stressed about your bills? You are paying more than the majority of the consumers. You need an SFE Solar system.

How much can you save?

If you’re like most Californians, savings and sustainability are top of mind. Contact us now and find out how much you can save.

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